There are two entities through which you can buy and sell mushrooms, MushroomsTrade company and MushroomsTrade forum.

MushroomsTrade company is an export broker company, not a direct buyer or seller. The seller pays a commission-fee, only if buyer is found and transaction performed.

MushroomsTrade company work mainly with mushrooms and truffles, and with other products less often. Sale is not guaranteed.

MushroomsTrade forum is free and open for all, no obligation for commission-fee to MushroomsTrade company if you sell something after some user or visitor contacts you.

MushroomsTrade company will see your posts, and if it finds your offer interesting and happens to have a buyer, we will contact you, and then you should pay agreed commission-fee if transaction is performed.

You can post your excess supply on the forum, maybe someone would like to purchase it and it will not be wasted.

Use the forum as you would use your own website, just within created categories.

Posts can be deleted by MT if they are unrelated or unfair.

For MushroomsTrade company (and MushroomsTrade forum) contact users "mt-gr" or "goran" (same person btw). Or contact here and here.

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