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    A Film Made to Be Watched on Instagram Exposes the Tricks of Influencer Culture

    The documentary #followme peels back the artifice of social media’s popularity economy.

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    Hong Kong protesters use offline message apps Bridgefy and FireChat to avoid censorship

    And they're radically different solutions, that don't need the internet or phone operators to function. Instead, Bridgefy, FireChat, and others that are now reportedly gaining in popularity in Hong Kong put to use the concept of mesh networking.

    These “offline” peer-to-peer apps send and receive messages via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios to connect directly with another device in close proximity, and onto the next until the recipient is reached. These apps also promise that mesh network nodes in between the sender and the recipient, that is, “people in the middle,” can't access messages sent in this way. But they broadcast them even if they're not among the sender's or the recipient's contacts.

    Bridgefy has seen downloads grow nearly 4,000 percent over the past two months. Both apps are said to have made dramatic progress on Apple's and Google's app stores.

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