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    Welcome's new app will do your travel planning for you

    So instead of asking travelers to create their own itineraries by browsing through a list of recommendations and reviews, Welcome builds the itinerary for them.

    When you’re planning to visit a destination, or when you’ve arrived and you’re wondering what to do, you can open Welcome and browse through a list of potential locations and activities, indicating which ones interest you. You also can browse recommendations from local experts, or ask for tips from your friends.

    Welcome then uses your responses to create a schedule for you, consisting both of places you’ve explicitly said you want to visit and of things that would probably be of interest. The itineraries are also based on location, with different travel options like taking an Uber or Lyft, mass transit or walking.

    Most intriguingly, the itineraries adjust in real time — if one of the items on the list doesn’t interest you, you can swipe to skip it, and Welcome will automatically fill in the gap with new activities.

    Or if you find a great spot where you want want to spend the whole afternoon, the app will once again adjust.

    Rosenberg said it’s even pulling in weather data, so “if we were going to send you to a park in the afternoon, and at lunch it starts raining, we can replace it with a museum.”

    Rosenberg added that the app could eventually introduce new ways for users to more explicitly filter the results based on their preferences — say, if they’re particularly interested in theater or museums, or if they’re on a tight budget.

    Welcome says it already offers recommendations in more than 250 cities worldwide.

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    A powerful solution for the field force to easily collect and share data. Manage your customers easily in the field.

    Track all your field force activities real time with the powerful mobile technology of FieldPie.

    Monitor all activities geo-tagged such as CRM data, field service data, customer or contact information, photos, schedules, customer visits, work time and routing data.

    Sort out photos and other information by time, location, customer, and field force. Easily keep in touch with your field force using collaboration tools. Schedule tasks and manage activities. FieldPie provides detailed or brief rundown reports so that you always stay up to date with your field force as well as customers.

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    Planday Employee Scheduling

    Planday specializes in helping businesses with hourly workers operate more efficiently by streamlining staff management and employee scheduling. Businesses all across the world already use Planday to save time on administration and employee scheduling.

    • Quickly get an overview of employee availability and vacation requests
    • Managers can easily see when employees clock in and out for a shift

    • If a manager already has an employee schedule that works, they can save it as a template so future schedules are easy to create

    • Managers can check in with employees via SMS or messages whenever they need, directly through the app
    • Send reminders when employees clock-in for a shift, or create event reminders to keep everyone on the same page

    • Our Reports feature gives managers and their accountant an overview of payroll costs, revenue compared to salary cost, and data on employee working habits
    • See your salary costs right in the employee schedule

    • Staff can clock-in for work via the app or a desktop computer
    • Managers can control where employees are allowed to clock-in from

    • The Planday’s employee scheduling app works on Android, iPhone, and iPad, so managers can easily oversee their workforce from wherever they are

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    GoAudits for Inspections, Audits, Quality Controls

    Less paperwork, more insights: GoAudits is an All-in-One professional app for your quality, standards and safety inspections. Streamline field operations & management reporting while improving compliance and productivity.

    Much more than a checklist app, it supports you at every stage of the audit cycle:

    - Create smart custom checklists in minutes. No more paper forms printing, filling or scanning.

    - Capture text, pictures & annotations from a visual and intuitive interface, on your favorite mobile device - even offline.

    - Instantly create neat and informative reports in your brand: no-one will ever have to type up a report again.

    - Set up advanced automated workflows to share and approve reports within your organisation.

    - Close the loop: follow-up with a corrective action plan. Set up assignees, priorities, due-dates & escalations.

    6. MONITOR
    - Review real-time performance KPIs and gain insights via an interactive dashboard, to improve your business over time.

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    Workflow Inspection App

    The Workflow Inspection app is designed to meet safety needs on worksites. The app includes a checklist that might be used by inspectors to help them identify and prevent accidents in the workplaces. No more paperwork. Complete the form directly from your tablet or smartphone, and send it via email. This #1 App is used by thousands of inspectors and can be 100% customized to your company's needs.

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    Forest Clans - Mushroom Farm

    Forest Clans – the game for fans of the nature, walks for mushrooms and forest kitchen! In our forest always there are a lot of mushrooms! This sequel of the game Mushroomers. Free cooking, building and mushrooming simulator for all ages!

    THE COLOURFUL FOREST is full of so many kinds of mushrooms – from well-known to rare and little-known. So take a basket and come on to the mushroom hunting! Gather mushrooms, cook from them various dishes, equip and decorate your village and farm to your taste.

    FASCINATING GAME PROCESS, immersion to the kind world of the nature, a lot of the most different mushrooms, beautiful graphics and pleasant sounds of the forest, communication in a clan and rivalry in a tournament – all this won't leave indifferent mushroom hunters of any age, young and old!

    – Open new mushroom places and gather a special kind of mushrooms in each of them
    – Study mushrooms at School to gather them more
    – Build the new equipment on the farm and cook new mushroom dishes
    – Play with thousands of other players, go hiking to them and get not only mushrooms, but also horseshoes and tournament stars
    – Join a clan or create your own, communicate in a chat and help each other mushrooms, participate in a tournament and receive a gold award
    – Construct Laboratory and create in it the magic potions helping to gather more mushrooms
    – Perform tasks and achievements and earn gold coins and experience
    – Play on any other mobile device or on social networks
    – Enjoy beautiful graphics and pleasant sounds of the nature!

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    Mushrooms Finder

    Is simple game where you must all mushrooms on the forest.

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    Book of Mushrooms

    "Book of Mushrooms" is your personal assistant in the woods. Contains information about fungus parameters, the places of growth, hunting time, information about the edibility, as well as lots of other useful information.

    The app contains 254 mushroom species - edible, conditionally edible, inedible and poisonous.

    We've collected more than 1400+ mushrooms pictures from different angles for a maximum probability of correctly identify.

    Menu "Favorites" will help you to make your own mushroom list, which can be quickly accessed any time.

    Section "Seasons" includes a subsection "Hunting time!", which allows you to see currently growing mushrooms. It also contains a subsection with the consolidated mushroom calendar.

    AI Mushroom Hunter & Identifier

    Mushroom hunting is very fun. Mushroom identification is very hard. AI Mushroom Hunter & Identifier will give you a boost in figuring out what mycological wonder you’ve stumbled upon.

    All you need to do is hold your camera a foot or two from the mushroom you’ve found (or load an image from your phone's memory) and the highly trained Artificial Intelligence will tell you what mushroom it thinks you’ve found as well as its confidence in that guess. The app will also offer links to detailed information about the mushroom it thinks you found.

    Once you've found a mushroom, the app lets you store it in your own personal mushroom archive. It will save the photo as well as the date and GPS coordinates from when and where you found it.

    This app is just for fun and edification. NEVER use the app if you plan on consuming the mushroom. Always consult a trained mycologist to confirm your own or the app's mushroom identifications.

    Also keep in mind this app will do best identifying mushrooms in North America --- since those are the mushrooms that the AI was trained on.

    PlantSnap - Identify Plants, Flowers, Trees & More

    Instantly identify plants of all kinds, anywhere in the world! Flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms and more can be quickly recognized with PlantSnap by, the mobile app built to help you identify flowers, plants & trees in a snap.

    PlantSnap’s huge database covers everywhere on earth so you can identify plants instantly, wherever you are! Explore nature & find plants nearby or worldwide on a map.

    Plants, flowers, trees, mushrooms, succulents, cacti and more can now be viewed on a map! Tap Explore to find plant locations, view photos and study info, nearby or worldwide.

    Try snapping a plant, flower or tree for free and have your photos instantly recognized by our always-growing algorithm. Plant names, location & more fascinating information on the world around is now free!

    PlantSnap is powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence and is changing the game for plant identification. Our plant database is global and always provides results instantaneously. PlantSnap will recognize many of the plants or trees that you encounter, helping any amateur or skilled botany enthusiast identify on the go.

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    Mushroom Tracker

    Mushroom Tracker has been created to allow you to identify mushrooms and lets you track all your mushroom find in the Maps section. This is a great Mushroom Identifier tool during Mushroom hunting

    Place markers on the map to track mushrooms that you have found. Next time you are in the area, head back to the same area and find what you are looking for.

    A list of fungi/mushrooms that will continue to grow from us and from you. Changed edibility rating, favorite your mushroom/fungi, and take your own pictures to add to the gallery. Check back for updates with more and more mushroom content and features. A perfect place as a Mushroom Identifier

    A calendar of all the edible mushrooms in the list. Know when is the best time of the year to go harvest

    Favorites: Create a personalized list of your own to keep track and can be accessed quickly any time.

    Community: This section is still currently under construction. Our goal for the community section is rather ambitious and we currently do not have the necessary infrastructure to support what we have planned. Please stay tuned and check for updates! If you would like to support us, please check out our Pro version which has no ads

    Geo Mushroom - Mushroom Picking

    Geomushroom an application to geolocate your mushroom spots, for mushroom pickers, geolocate your mushrooms picking, application on mycology.

    Create your breeds (your species) of mushrooms according to your region or your picking, there is an integrated cat between mushroom pickers, you will be able to see the gatherings shared by the pickers (the images of the different mushrooms of the world) since the application all this for free.

    Save your corners, your mushroom spots with GPS, latitude, longitude. All your mushroom corners referenced on the same map (google map) thanks to the GPS.

    Look at the publications of other gatherers who publish photos of their mushrooms, their pickings, to learn new species with the possibility of comments for the social between mushroom pickers and learn new things and why not ask for tips and tricks between picker of mushroom to enhance your passion.

    Forager's Buddy - A foraging app for professionals

    Forager's Buddy is a free application for android smartphones and tablets, designed to help users mark on the map all remarkable places, where they can find various kinds of wild food resources (Using the GPS module of the device).

    You can use this foraging app in various outdoor activities like wild herbs/mushroom gathering, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc

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    Farm Sprayer GPS Free

    Highlights where you have been in the field. Simply enter the width of your implement and hit start. Overlap creates darker shading.

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    Farm Tracks

    Farm Tracks is a simple Farm tracker application for fertiliser application tracking (uses the phone/tablet built in GPS Module), to be used on your tractor or ATV while applying fertiliser or weed spray.

    This will show if you are overlapping applications or leaving gaps where no product was applied.

    Stores your application track (snail trail) that can be saved and viewed in Google earth (uses GPX file format).

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    SW Maps - GIS & Data Collector

    SW Maps is a free GIS and mobile mapping app for collecting, presenting and sharing geographic information.

    Record points, lines, polygons and even photos and have them displayed over your choice of background map, and attach custom attribute data to any feature. Attribute types include text, numbers, an option from a predefined set of choices, photos, audio clips and videos.

    Draw features on the map by adding markers, and measure distance and area.

    Reuse the layers and attributes of a previous project for another survey, or create templates and share them with other users.

    Share the collected data with other users as KMZ or shapefiles, or export them to your device storage.

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    Andmap ULTIMATE

    Andmap - Field Mapping, Data Collection and Online Project Management

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    Farming Simulator

    Become a modern farmer and develop your farm on two huge American and European environments, filled with exciting new farming activities, crops to harvest and animals to tend to.

    Drive over 300 authentic vehicles and machines now including John Deere - but also Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr, and many more.

    Grow your farm online with other players, and download community created mods

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    Google Earth now available for most major web browsers, thanks to WebAssembly

    In a blog post today, Google has finally released this new WebAssembly-powered Google Earth, compatible with most major browsers, as a “preview beta.” The rest of the announcement post explains some of the advantages of WebAssembly and the differences you may find in some browsers.

    Functionally, the new Google Earth beta seems to be the same experience as the existing site, but being available for almost all major browsers is a big win for the adoption of WebAssembly in browsers going forward.

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    Decentralized identifiers — An in-depth Explanation

    DID is called decentralized identifiers

    Users can create their DID’s by registering themselves on blockchain. It is like your Social security number (SSN). Users can use these DIDs to identify themselves.

    DID components: unique identifier + DID Document

    DID Document: It contains information related to user. It doesn’t include any personal information like username, SSN number etc.

    It includes:
    Time stamp: the time when it was created.
    Cryptographic proof of its validity.
    Cryptographic public keys, Number of ways that the DID can be used to authenticate
    Service endpoints: It can contain multiple elements

    Each element contains:

    # URL: Url for a particular service , eg :- Driving licence issuing authority
    # Service type: Say DL issuing Authority
    # DID: We can Use this DID against URL to identify if this is actually issued by Driving licence issuing authority

    NOTE: We can add multiple service endpoints in service section

    DID Flow

    Issuer: Issues Verifiable credentials (example Passport Authority)
    Holder: Holds Verifiable credentials (example User)
    Inspector-verifier: Request claims (example Custom department on Airport)

    > Custom Department will check if the Holder is actually of 34 years old
    > Issuer issues claim that , yes the person is of 34 years

    How do Inspector-verifier verifies a claim? IT will be done with the help of Issuer

    Verifiable Claims is divided into 3 parts:
    Subject: Holder ( A user )
    Issuer: DID issuer (passport authority)
    Claim: Any statement say proving citizenship of a person or proving firstname, lastname of a person.

    So a Verifiable Claim is when some Issuer makes a Claim about a Subject. The “verifiable” part is that it is trustworthy and tamperproof because it has been cryptographically signed by the issuer.

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    5 Helpful GIS Mobile Applications – Free GIS App

    GIS Stands for Geographic Information System. GIS is helping everyone in every field. Be it Telecom industry, Medical industry, Agriculture Sector, and there are many more industries which are using GIS on a regular basis.

    So, to provide an ease of GIS, so many mobile applications are now available. So, here we are to introduce you with the best GIS applications for Android And IOS.

    MapIt – GIS Mobile application
    SW Maps – GIS Mobile application
    Map with Us – GIS Mobile application
    MapPt – GIS Mobile application
    Locus GIS – Mobile Application

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    Mushroom - offline game

    The best choice from relaxing and hunting games that don't need wifi.

    An excellent chance for mushroom pickers - professionals to go on a "silent hunting" when there is no opportunity to get into the forest for mushrooms.

    And for other mushroom pickers beginners - a good way to develop the skills of finding real mushrooms in the forest and preparing for the mushroom season, which, depending on weather conditions, begins even in June.

    If we talk about white mushrooms (white mushroom, boletus), they appear in late August, September, early October. Aspen, boletus, chanterelles appear with the arrival of rain after hot days.

    These mushrooms can be picked in large quantities, pickled, salted and stored for several months.
    The mushroom season continues until frost occurs and the mushrooms are turning up everywhere.

    Attention! The materials of the game is not a basis for identifying mushrooms containing harmful substances, which can lead to food poisoning!

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    All Clear Weather

    A new weather app that emphasizes clear communication of weather data, up-to-date current conditions, and experiments with phone sensor data

    This is a graph of atmospheric pressure data recorded by Android smartphones in North Carolina during Hurricane Florence. The data is presented raw, no cleaning or quality control has been done. Approximately 15 phones were in the geographical area during the time frame for this graph.

    ​With quality control and improved measurement density, it should be possible to assimilate these kinds of datapoints into weather models. All Clear Weather (Android play store) is working towards a privacy-conscious, cost-effective way to summarize the pressure data from devices with statistics, removing user location data and still providing useful information to weather models.

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    What is a DAO?

    DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”.

    The essential feature of DAOs is that their operating rules are programmed, meaning that they are automatically applied and enforced when the conditions specified in the software are met. This differentiates them from traditional organizations, whose rules form guidelines that someone must interpret and apply.

    For example, imagine the case of an organization whose members wish to allocate funds to various projects through a commission of experts. In the case of a traditional organization, once the experts have given their opinion, employees must carry out many steps in order to release the funding, from drafting the minutes of the commission to sending the money transfer instructions to the bank.

    In the case of a DAO, funds are instantly transferred as a result of the commission’s approval. Nothing can stop it, neither internal stakeholders nor third parties such as banks or even a public authority.

    For the automated and secure execution of operating rules to be effective, they must be running on a public, permissionless blockchain such as Ethereum.

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