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Thread: frozen China MP

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    frozen China MP

    frozen Asparagus green, China, USD 3000/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Apricots, China, cubes B, USD 540/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Kiwi, China, cubes A, USD 1350/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Asparagus green, China, USD 2570/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Strawberry, China
    A13, 15-25mm, USD 1600/mt CFR EMP
    A13, 25-35mm, USD 1450/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Strawberry, China
    honey, 15-25mm, USD 1700/mt CFR EMP
    honey, 25-35mm, USD 1630/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Apricot, China
    halves A, skin-on, USD 850/mt CFR EMP
    cubes B, USD 450/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Banana, China, sliced, USD 1400/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Kiwi, China, cubes A, USD 1380/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Mandarin, China, crumble, USD 1400/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Mango, China, cubes A, USD 1490/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Pineapple, China, cubes A, USD 1040/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Bamboo strips, China, USD 920/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Pea pods, China, USD 1500/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Kiwi, China, cubes A 10mm, USD 1350/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Peach, China, cubes A 10mm, USD 950/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Pear, China, diced A 10mm, USD 1090/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Pear, China, diced A 10mm, USD 900/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Garlic, China
    gloves A, USD 1420/mt CFR EMP
    diced A, USD 1420/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Peach, China, dices A 10x10mm, USD 820/mt FOB

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    frozen Apricot, China, halves A, skin-off, USD 1080/mt FOB

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    frozen Pear, China, dices A, USD 1040/mt FOB

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    frozen Apricot, China, halves A, skin-off, USD 920/mt FOB

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    frozen Strawberry, China
    15-25mm, grade A, crop 2020, USD 1150/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Broccoli, China, USD 540/mt FOB
    frozen Cauliflower, China, USD 440/mt FOB
    frozen Spinach chopped, China, USD 510/mt FOB

    frozen Strawberry, China, USD 900/mt FOB
    grade A, 25-40mm, new crop 2020

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    frozen Blackberry, China
    grade A, USD 750/mt FOB
    grade AB, USD 550/mt FOB

    frozen Lingoberry, China
    3% pink, no white, USD 2550/mt FOB
    10% pink + white, USD 2250/mt FOB

    frozen Mulberry, China
    grade A, USD 970/mt FOB
    grade AB, USD 640/mt FOB

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    frozen, FOB China
    Mulberry grade A fob 970usd/mt
    Mulberry grade AB fob 640usd/mt
    Lingonberry 3% pink, no white--fob 2550
    Lingonberry 10% pink+white--fob 2250
    white asparagus cut--fob 910
    apricot halves grade A skin-on --fob 680 usd/mt
    apricot halves grade A skin-off --fob 810 usd/mt
    apricot cube grade A skin-off --fob 960 usd/mt
    apricot cube grade A skin-on --fob 800usd/mt
    peach cube grade A --790 usd/mt
    peach halves grade A fob 800 usd/mt
    peach halves grade B --fob 460
    peach cube grade B--fob540usd/mt
    pear cube grade A--fob870 usd/mt
    apple cube grade A -fob870usd/mt
    kiwi cube grade A--fob1120 usd/mt
    pear cube grade A--fob990usd/mt
    mango cube grade B--990usd/mt
    pineapple grade A--fob1190usd/mt
    strawberry cube--fob1240usd/mt

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    frozen, FOB China
    blueberry grade a -FOB USD 2320
    blueberry grade b -FOB USD 1500
    raspberry crumble -FOB USD 1750
    raspberry whole 80% -FOB USD 2250
    raspberry whole 95% -FOB USD 2450
    raspberry whole 90% -FOB USD 2300
    raspberry whole 70% -FOB USD 2100
    water chest sliced -FOB USD 1620
    baby corn cut <23mm -FOB USD 1750 / >23mm -FOB USD 1620
    sugar snap -FOB USD 1550
    pea pods -FOB USD 1550

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    frozen Blueberry, China, USD 1700/mt FOB
    frozen Strawberry, China, dices, USD 1200/mt FOB

    frozen Apricot, China, halves, USD 510/mt FOB
    frozen Broccoli, China, 1.5-3cm, USD 540/mt FOB

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    frozen Mulberry, grade A, China, USD 980/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Red pepper cube, China, USD 790/mt CFR EMP

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    IQF FOB fruit:
    pear cube grade A--940
    apricot halves--560
    apricot cube B--430
    pineapple cube grade A--1800
    mango cube B--880

    IQF FOB veg:
    cut green bean--710 usd/mt
    Sweet corn kernal --750 usd/mt
    sweet corn cut grade A-- 630
    Green pea--770 usd/mt
    cauliflower 3-5--490usd/mt
    garlic cloves: grade A : 960 , grade B: 620
    garlic cube grade A: 930
    spring onion grade A--660
    green pepper cube grade A--600
    green strips grade A-- 630
    spinach block grade A--590

    IQF FOB berries:
    strawberry grade B--760
    mulberry grade B--600
    blueberry grade B--1550
    strawberry cube grade A--1240
    sea buckthorn grade A: 1280
    raspberry crumble--1950
    raspberry 95 whole 2550
    raspberry 85 whole--2500

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    IQF Cauliflower 1-3cm, China, USD 520/mt FOB
    IQF Ginger puree, China, USD 660/mt FOB
    IQF Ginger cubes 4x4mm, China, USD 1260/mt FOB
    IQF Raspberry crumble, China, USD 2540/mt FOB

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