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Thread: frozen European

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    frozen European

    IQF Blueberry, Ukraine, wild, organic
    class A, <100Bq, EUR 3.00/kg DAP, 25kg paper bag
    class A, <150Bq, EUR 2.90/kg DAP, 10kg carton
    class A, <200Bq, EUR 2.85/kg DAP, 25kg paper bag

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    frozen Blueberries, Montenegro, EUR 3.60/kg EXW
    wild, 20mt, can have Organic certificate

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    shipping from Lithuania, EU duties paid

    frozen Raspberries, Ukraine, EUR 2.40/kg EXW LT, 5000kg

    frozen Strawberries, Ukraine, EUR 1.60/kg EXW LT, 8000kg

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    frozen Blueberry, Montenegro
    1st, wild, EUR 3.00/kg EXW
    1st, wild, organic, EUR 3.50/kg EXW

    frozen Rosehip, Montenegro
    1st, wild, EUR 1.00/kg EXW

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