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Thread: Truffles, China

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    Truffles, China

    fresh Tuber indicum, China
    1-3cm, USD 71.60/kg CIF
    3-5cm, USD 102.80/kg CIF
    5cm+, USD 138.80/kg CIF

    frozen Tuber indicum, China
    2-3cm, USD 57.80/kg CIF
    3-5cm, USD 81.80/kg CIF

    canned Tuber indicum, China
    tins NW 1500g, DW 1000g
    slices 2.5-5cm, USD 84.86/tin CIF
    cubes 6x6mm, USD 65.96/tin CIF

    dried Tuber indicum, China
    1.5-3cm, USD 235.80/kg CIF

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    dried Tuber indicum, China
    slices A, USD 140.00/kg CFR by air
    slices B, USD 97.00/kg CFR by air
    granulate from B, 2-6mm, USD 105.00/kg CFR by air

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    fresh Tuber aestivum, China
    2-3cm, USD 46.00/kg FOB
    3-4cm, USD 73.00/kg FOB
    4cm+, USD 88.00/kg FOB

    frozen Tuber aestivum, China
    1-3cm, brown color, USD 23.80/kg FOB
    2-3cm, brown color, USD 31.50/kg FOB
    3-5cm, brown color, USD 41.80/kg FOB
    1-3cm, 80% black + 20% brown, USD 41.80/kg FOB
    3-5cm, 80% black + 20% brown, USD 70.80/kg FOB

    see photos:

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    fresh Tuber indicum, China
    1-3cm, 90% black, USD 75.60/kg CFR by air
    3-5cm, 90% black, USD 102.60/kg CFR by air
    5+cm, 90% black, USD 133.60/kg CFR by air

    dried Tuber indicum, China, 1-5cm, USD 231.60/kg CFR by air

    see photos:

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