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    Mushroom production during pandemic in Poland going relatively well

    At the very beginning of the pandemic, manufacturers limited the production of substrate. After three weeks, there were significantly fewer mushrooms on the market. At the moment, the production of the substrate is relatively normal.

    The pandemic has caused great instability in trade. Order for five cars suddenly turns into two cars. It is known that the mushrooms will sell out by Christmas, but then there is a 'dead period'.

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    The key to fighting future pandemics? Old-growth forests, says mushroom guru Paul Stamets

    The large, gnarled, woody-looking layered mushroom, more specifically the polypore Fomitopsis officinalis, is about the size of a toddler’s torso.

    Its dull outward appearance belies the invaluable medical properties agarikon — and a host of other fungi — might possess, said Stamets, who has been on the hunt for the endangered mushroom for decades.

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    Naturally Made Certification for Beekeepers and Mushroom Growers

    Since 2002, the Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) organization has offered certification for farmers and beekeepers who use natural methods to grow food for their local communities. CNG’s peer-review inspection process is tailored for direct-market growers who are dedicated to working in harmony with nature without relying on synthetic chemicals to manage pests and diseases.

    Jay Parsons of Dances with Bees apiary in Cornelia, Georgia, describes the CNG designation as “a door opener.” He continues, “It’s similar to having a practical organic certification, in that it helps people to know that special efforts were made to attain specific standards and practices.”

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    Bricks made from MUSHROOMS could soon replace cement because they self-repair and produce less planet-heating carbon

    Engineers are already experimenting with mushroom bricks, which could greatly reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry.

    They also easily biodegrade when it's time to knock a building down.

    Now scientists want to create buildings out of living fungus, which could grow to a desired design and repair themselves when damaged.

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    Mushrooms land on food trend lists

    With 2021 well underway, mushrooms are continuing their annual trend of placing high among annual food and health trend lists.

    In recent months, media, retailers and influencers have listed mushrooms a 2021 food trend in more than 50 news articles.

    Whole Foods Market, in late fall, kicked off trend forecasting season when it included mushrooms in their influential annual “The Next Big Things” trend forecast. Mushrooms were included in both the “Well-Being is Served” and “Fruit and Vegetable Jerky” categories. “Suppliers are incorporating functional ingredients like vitamin C, mushrooms and adaptogens to foster a calm headspace and support the immune system. For obvious reasons, people want this pronto,” the article explains. Additionally, mushroom versatility will be highlighted as there is a rise in the form of jerkies, as it is “Providing a new, shelf-stable way to enjoy fruits and veggies.”

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    Latvian mushroom photo gets Sony World Photography Award

    The Sony World Photography Awards announced the winners of the National and Regional prize category February 16. From the Latvian applicants, the award was received by Jānis Paļulis, Sony representatives in Latvia said.

    Among 440 Latvian photographers' applications, Jānis Paļulis' photo 'Mirdzošā sēne' (Glowing Mushroom) received the National award.

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    Paperless load passports now available

    KisanHub has launched an innovative, game-changing new feature, Paperless Load Passports. Designed to transform how products move through the fresh produce supply chain and allow people to manage this process all on their mobile devices. This saves time and minimises errors with the added bonus of traceability from the farm to the factory gate.

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    5 Ways to Grow Mushrooms at Home

    Mushroom Grow Kit
    Mushroom Logs
    Mushroom Beds
    Mushroom Bags
    Mushroom Mulch

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