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    The Place Where Mushrooms Get Their Own Parade

    In the midst of a cross-cultural mushroom mania, we visit a festival where longtime fungi fans gather to discuss the latest in psychedelic, culinary, and medicinal mycology.

    Backed by a soundtrack of drums, attendees of the 39th annual Telluride Mushroom Festival chanted their enthusiasm as they made their way down the city’s main drag. Many were dressed as types of fungi—red and white polka-dotted Amanita muscaria was a popular choice—while others simply carried real-life specimens along for the ride. There were signs: “Give Us Room to Shroom,” “Lion’s Mane Grows Your Brain,” and “Non-Judgment Day Is Coming.” It was the culmination of a half-week spent exploring the mycological wonders of the world in a paradisiacal landscape perfect for foraging (or taking another kind of trip).

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    How wild mushroom delicacies in Goa are threatening its forests

    The popularity of edible wild mushrooms is turning into an ecological threat for the forests of Goa.

    Wild mushrooms play an important role as decomposing agents and their depleting numbers can have severe repercussions on the health of the forests.

    The Goa forest department banned harvesting of these mushrooms in 1992. However, next year, the ban was amended to cover only wildlife sanctuaries and government protected forests.

    Social media images of women selling the mushrooms on huge leaves on the roadside create an even bigger buzz around this monsoon favourite.

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