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    Some Plants May Depend More On Friendly Fungi Than Own Leaves: Study

    Researchers have found that plants need the help of friendly fungi to thrive more than it depends on the quality of its own leaves, and on bacteria that adds nitrogen nutrients to the soil.

    The researchers, including those from the University of Tennessee in the US, found that certain root-associated, or mycorrhizal, fungi that associate firmly with the cells in plant roots are one of the largest influences on plant tissue nutrient concentrations.

    The study, published in the journal PNAS, noted that there are two main types of mycorrhizal fungi—arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal.

    An arbuscular mycorrhiza, the researchers said, penetrates the cells in the outer layer of the roots of a plant.

    Ectomycorrhizal fungi, they said, do not penetrate the plant’s cell walls, instead forming a netlike structure around the plant root.

    According to the researchers, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi increased plant nutrient concentrations in plant leaves, litter, and roots more than the non-penetrating counterparts, and has more influence on a plant’s nutrient levels than plant leaf traits, or plant associations with nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

    The researchers said that plants live in symbiosis with the root associated fungi which provide up to 80 per cent of the nutrients and water a plant needs to grow.

    They added that up to 30 per cent of the food substance the plants make through photosynthesis is needed by the fungi.

    “To optimize plant nutrition, we need to incorporate mycorrhizal associations into our agricultural and management frameworks,” said study co-author Stephanie Kivlin from the University of Tennessee.

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    Do you know why some people decorate with mushrooms for Christmas? Here's the story which links Santa to shamanism and our mycelium friends.

    Decorated christmas trees, dudes climbing down chimneys with gifts, red pointy hats and flying reindeer.. It all began with mushrooms. The red fly mushroom to be more specific.

    Now, this mushroom is quite dangerous... but also a highly potent hallucinogenic. Back in the day, a group of nordic shamans realized that you could dilute the negative effects by first feeding the mushrooms to reindeer and then drinking their urine. This is where the concept of flying reindeer originated. They weren't literally flying but instead, very, very high.

    These shamans worshipped the mushroom and would generally dress to mimic them, - red clothes and pointy hats with white rims. Very wise but undoubtedly a sight to see.

    They'd usually hang out in the forests but would have to seek towards towns when heavy snow started to fall. They'd bring with them their funky smelling shroom juice and use it to share their gifts of wisdom and 'clarity' with the townsfolk.

    In places with heavy snowfall, there'd usually be two entrances to houses. One main entrance and one on the roof. This way, you could still enter or exit the house if the main door was blocked by snow. So, during winter, these red pointy-hatted dudes would climb through the roof bearing gifts and speaking of their flying reindeer. Sound familiar?

    Every fall, the townsfolk would gather mushrooms in anticipation of the arrival of the shamans. They'd pick them and hang them up on naked pine trees to dry out indoors. This is the origin of the decorated christmas tree.

    It's fun to look at this from today's perspective. A group of dudes who likes to hang out in nature and get high has to find shelter for the winter. They probably had no way of actually paying for said shelter so they convinced everyone that they brought a divine drink that would open their minds.

    Note that I used the term clarity. This is because the mushroom has been used in the same context, somewhere else in the world. Soldiers would be fed them during battle to heighten their senses. Some even think the magical drink in Asterix & Obelix is this exact mixture.

    I wouldn't be surprised if their leader was named Claus.

    Hope you enjoyed the read.

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    Demand for mushrooms skyrockets as the West catches up on the rest of the world: Nammex president

    With sales of mushroom containing dietary supplements growing year-on-year by as much as 40%, and food and beverage companies getting in on the act, demand for the fungi has been “unreal”, says Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts.

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