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Thread: price list

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    dried Agaricus bisporus, Poland, organic
    flakes, EUR 25.75/kg EXW
    granulate, EUR 25.75/kg EXW
    powder, EUR 25.75/kg EXW

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    frozen Oysters, China
    baby, whole, USD 1090/mt CFR EMP
    chunks 2x4cm, USD 780/mt CFR EMP
    pieces, USD 460/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Shiitake, China
    whole A, USD 1010/mt CFR EMP
    quarters A, USD 1010/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Boletus edulis, China, new crop 2019
    cubes A, 2x3cm, USD 5.95/kg FOB
    cubes B, 2x3cm, USD 5.05/kg FOB

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    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, Lithuania
    pieces, 2019, 9000kg, EUR 3.85/kg FCA

    brined Cantharellus cibarius, Lithuania
    3rd grade, 2019, 12000kg, EUR 1.80/kg FCA

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    brined Cantharellus cibarius, Estonia, 2019, 2000kg, EUR 5.65/kg EXW

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    brined Cantharellus cibarius, China, USD 5.35/kg CFR

    frozen Boletus edulis, China
    whole A, USD 8.25/kg CFR
    whole B, USD 6.60/kg CFR
    cubes A, USD 5.75/kg CFR
    cubes B, USD 5.05/kg CFR
    cubes C, USD 4.00/kg CFR
    slices A, USD 8.35/kg CFR
    slices B, USD 6.30/kg CFR
    halves A, USD 9.25/kg CFR

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    brined Boletus edulis, China, 1x20'fcl
    grade A, 40% (cap, cap cube and stem cube), USD 9280/mt CFR EMP
    grade B, 30% (cap cube and stem cube), USD 7610/mt CFR EMP
    grade C, 15% (cap cube and piece), USD 6060/mt CFR EMP
    grade D, 15% (small block), USD 3480/mt CFR EMP

    brined Cantharellus cibarius, China
    cap 1-3, 3-6cm, stem natural lenght, USD 6120/mt CFR EMP

    IQF Boletus edulis, China
    whole 1st, USD 8280/mt CFR EMP
    whole 2nd, USD 7050/mt CFR EMP
    cubes 1st, USD 6680/mt CFR EMP
    cubes 2nd, USD 5360/mt CFR EMP

    IQF Nameko, China, USD 1460/mt CFR EMP
    1-3.5cm, stem <5.5cm, broken <8%, weight ~85% after defreezing

    IQF Suillus granulatus, China
    grade A, 2-6cm, broken <10%, USD 1830/mt CFR EMP

    see photos:

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    brined Cantharellus cibarius, Montenegro, EUR 4.50/kg EXW

    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, Montenegro, EUR 4.70/kg EXW
    sorted, 30% <3cm, 60% 3-6cm, 10% 6cm+

    brined Boletus edulis, Montenegro, whole 1st, EUR 8.00/kg EXW

    frozen Boletus edulis, Montenegro
    whole 1st, not sorted, medium 4-6cm 90%, piccolo 10%, worms <10%, EUR 8.00/kg EXW
    cubes 1st, 2x2cm, EUR 6.00/kg EXW
    cubes 1st, 5x4cm, EUR 6.00/kg EXW
    cubes 2nd, 2x2cm, EUR 5.00/kg EXW
    cubes 3rd, 2x2cm, EUR 4.00/kg EXW
    slices 2nd, EUR 7.00/kg EXW

    dried Boletus edulis, Montenegro
    S1, EUR 65.00/kg EXW
    S2, EUR 50.00/kg EXW
    S3, EUR 40.00/kg EXW
    O1, 2-4cm, EUR 45.00/kg EXW
    O2, 3-7cm, EUR 43.00/kg EXW
    O3, white industry, EUR 25.00/kg EXW

    dried Cantharellus cibarius, Montenegro, EUR 35.00/kg EXW

    dried Craterellus cornucopioides, Montenegro, small, EUR 30.00/kg EXW

    see photos:

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    IQF Boletus edulis, China north, 22mt/40'fcl
    A grade 50%, cuts 2-3x2-3cm, USD 6155/mt CFR EMP
    B grade 50%, cuts 2-3x2-3cm, USD 4915/mt CFR EMP
    A grade 100%, cuts 2-3x2-3cm, USD 6310/mt CFR EMP --only A in fcl

    IQF Boletus edulis, China, 1x40'fcl
    whole, USD 6715/mt CFR EMP, 3mt
    halves, USD 7910/mt CFR EMP, 1.5mt
    cubes A, 2-3x2-3cm, USD 6415/mt CFR EMP, 6.2mt
    cubes B, 2-3x2-3cm, USD 5670/mt CFR EMP, 6.2mt
    cubes C, 2-3x2-3cm, USD 4480/mt CFR EMP, 3.1mt

    brined Nameko, China
    FAQ, stem max 4cm, cap 1.5-2.5cm, USD 2480/mt CFR EMP

    brined Pleurotus, China
    cuts 2x2cm, USD 1200/mt CFR EMP

    brined Shiitake, China
    quarters, USD 1185/mt CFR EMP

    brined Shimeji, China
    Small size, cap 1-2.5cm, stem 2-5cm, USD 1515/mt CFR EMP

    brined Stropharia, China
    STC (65% stem + 35% caps), USD 1586/mt CFR EMP
    STS (65% stem + 35% caps), USD 1930/mt CFR EMP
    SB2, USD 2230/mt CFR EMP

    see photos:

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    brined Pleurotus ostreatus, China, USD 1370/mt CFR EMP
    cap dia 2-4cm, stem length 2cm

    brined Shiitake, China, USD 1300/mt CFR EMP
    whole, cap dia 2-4cm (max. 4.5cm), open caps 10-20%, stem length 2cm

    brined Stropharia, China, 2x3cm cubes cut, USD 1990/mt CFR EMP

    brined Armellaria mellea, China, USD 3100/mt CFR EMP
    cap dia 2-4cm with stems of natural length without black foot

    brined Cantharellus cibarius, China
    1-3cm, USD 6300/mt CFR EMP
    3-5cm, USD 4950/mt CFR EMP

    brined Suillus granulatus, China, USD 1930/mt CFR EMP
    cap dia 2-6cm, stem length 3cm

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    IQF Boletus edulis, China south
    whole 1st USD 8.65/kg CFR EMP
    cubes 1st, USD 6.2/kg CFR EMP
    cubes 2nd, USD 5.25/kg CFR EMP
    cubes 3rd, USD 4.25/kg CFR EMP
    slices 1st, USD 8.75/kg CFR EMP
    slices 2nd, USD 7.75/kg CFR EMP

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    brined Nameko, China
    grade A, cap dia 0.8-2.2cm, half open caps <10%, stem length <3.5cm, USD 2500/mt CFR EMP.
    grade FAQ, cap dia 0.8-2.5cm, half open caps 30-40%, stem length <4cm, USD 2280/mt CFR EMP

    dried Boletus edulis, China north
    grade A, 20%, USD 41.20/kg CFR EMP by sea
    grade B, 50%, USD 35.00/kg CFR EMP by sea
    grade C, 25%, USD 29.00/kg CFR EMP by sea
    grade D, 5%, USD 18.50/kg CFR EMP by sea

    dried Suillus granulatus, China, USD 9.90/kg CFR EMP

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    fresh Craterellus cornucopioides, Black trumpets, Croatia, EUR 10.00/kg DDP
    excellent quality

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    dried Cantharellus cibarius, China, export quality, USD 30.00/kg CIF EMP, 500kg

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    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, EUR 6.00/kg EXW FR
    pieces, crop 2017, 4000kg, origin Lithuania, shipping from France

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    dried Boletus edulis, grade A, EUR 42.00/kg EXW Poland

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    dried Agaricus bisporus, Poland, organic, EUR 25.75/kg EXW

    dried Boletus edulis, Poland
    slices, EUR 31.40/kg EXW
    granulate, EUR 32.00/kg EXW
    powder, EUR 20.50/kg EXW
    organic +35%

    dried Boletus luteus, Chile/Peru
    slices, EUR 18.00/kg EXW PL
    granulate, EUR 18.50/kg EXW PL
    powder, EUR 12.25/kg EXW PL
    organic +35%

    dried Xerocomus badius, Poland
    slices, EUR 35.00/kg EXW
    granulate, EUR 35.50/kg EXW
    powder, EUR 27.00/kg EXW
    organic +35%

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    fresh Craterellus cornucopioides, Black trumpets, Croatia, EUR 6.00/kg DDP

    fresh Hydnum repandum, Croatia, EUR 12.00/kg DDP

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    dried Suillus granuatus, China, USD 7.50/kg CFR EMP

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    brined Cantharellus cibarius, EUR 2.10/kg DDP
    uncalibrated, crop 2019, 45kg plastic barrels
    origin Lithuania and Russia, shipping from Lithuania

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