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Thread: price list

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    frozen Oysters, China, cubes A, 2x2, 2x4cm, USD 730/mt FOB

    frozen Shiitake, China, cubes A, 2x2cm, USD 930/mt FOB

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    dried Morchella esculenta, Turkey
    premium, EUR 260/kg EXW

    frozen Boletus edulis, Turkey
    whole premium, EUR 11.50/kg EXW, 500kg
    cubes A, EUR 6.70/kg EXW, 800kg
    cubes B, EUR 5.70/kg EXW, 150kg

    frozen Black Trumpets, Turkey
    premium, EUR 8.75/kg EXW, 4000kg

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    dried Boletus edulis, Poland, EUR ~42.00/kg EXW
    organic, grade B/C, ~300kg, crop 2019

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    dried Boletus edulis, China
    A1, stem slices >3cm, 10kg/ctn, USD 39.00/kg CFR EMP
    A2, stem slices 2-4cm, 12kg/ctn, USD 39.00/kg CFR EMP
    BT1, cap slices >3cm, 12kg/ctn, USD 39.00/kg CFR EMP
    BT2, cap slices 2-4cm, 16kg/ctn, USD 39.00/kg CFR EMP
    B, slices 2-8cm, 12kg/ctn, USD 32.70/kg CFR EMP
    D, slices 2-8cm, USD 22.20/kg CFR EMP

    see photos:

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    frozen Nameko, China
    M, cap 1-3cm, stem max 4.5cm, USD 1645/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Pleurotus, China
    cubes 2x2cm, USD 820/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Shiitake, China
    cubes, uncalibrated, USD 975/mt CFR EMP
    slices, thick 7-10mm, lenght 2-7cm, USD 995/mt CFR EMP

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