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    dried Agaricus bisporus, Poland, EUR 16.00/kg EXW
    granulate 0.5-2mm, sterilized, conventional, 10kg/ctn

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    dried Boletus edulis, Croatia
    1st, mechanically dried, ~70kg, EUR 50.00/kg DDP
    original, cleaned, ~100kg, EUR 35.00/kg DDP

    dried Black Trumpets, Croatia, mechanically dried, cleaned
    whole, ~400kg, EUR 40.00/kg DDP
    broken, ~100kg, EUR 23.00/kg DDP

    dried Cantharellus cibarius, Croatia, EUR 37.00/kg DDP
    ~100kg, mechanically dried, cleaned

    see photos:

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    frozen Boletus edulis, China
    whole uncalibrated, USD 4000/mt FOB
    cubes B, USD 3500/mt FOB

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    brined Boletus edulis, China
    cubes 1st, USD 7.90/kg CFR EMP
    cubes 2nd, USD 7.10/kg CFR EMP

    brined Pleurotus ostreatus, China
    3-5cm, USD 1140/mt CFR EMP
    5-8cm, USD 1110/mt CFR EMP

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    dried Amanita caesarea, Bulgaria, sliced A, 120kg, EUR 39.00/kg DAP EU

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    frozen Verpa bohemica, Lithuania, 3500kg, EUR 9.00/kg DDP

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    dried Pleurotus ostreatus, India, USD 10.00/kg FOB

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    powder Boletus edulis, Bulgaria, EUR 34.80/kg DAP EU

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    dried Boletus edulis, Bulgaria
    slices, class A, 6kg/ctn, EUR 56.00/kg DAP EU
    slices, original, EUR 32.00/kg DAP EU
    pieces 1-3cm, well cleaned, EUR 30.00/kg DAP EU

    dried Cantharellus cibarius, Bulgaria
    class A, 8kg/ctn, EUR 34.00/kg DAP EU
    class B, 10kg/ctn, EUR 29.00/kg DAP EU
    class A/B (60% A + 40% B), EUR 27.60/kg EXW

    see photos:

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    brined Shiitake, China
    whole 2-5cm, stems <2cm, open caps <20%, USD 1360/mt CFR EMP
    quarters, cut from whole 5-7cm, stem length 2cm, USD 1360/mt CFR EMP

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    dried Morchella conica, Pakistan (Kohistan), crop 2020
    special, 2-5/6cm, no stems, USD 170.00/kg CFR
    extra, 2-5/6cm, stems 1.5-2cm, USD 160.00/kg CFR
    special, 2-5/6cm, no stems, USD 170.00/kg CFR
    industry, 2-5/6cm, no stems, USD 145.00/kg CFR
    containing broken, yellow, think skin, smashed, burnt black

    see photos:

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    fresh Cantharellus cibarius, Bulgaria, EUR 15.00/kg DAP EU by air
    sorted <3cm, 3-5cm, 5cm+, moq 120kg

    fresh Boletus edulis, Bulgaria, 20-30% worms

    dried Marasmius oreades, Bulgaria, ~100kg, EUR 61.00/kg DAP EU

    see photos:

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    dried Boletus edulis, Bulgaria, crop 2021
    class Ex, 60kg, EUR 56.00/kg DAP by truck
    class A, 120kg, EUR 49.00/kg DAP by truck
    class OR (original), 100kg, EUR 34.00/kg DAP by truck

    dried Cantharellus cibarius, Bulgaria
    300kg, moq 120kg (35.60), EUR 34.60/kg DAP by truck

    see photos:

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