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Thread: price list

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    frozen baby Oysters, China, USD 720/mt FOB

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    frozen Suillus granulatus, China
    whole, 10kg ctn, USD 1110/mt FOB Tianjin
    cuts, 10kg ctn, USD 1110/mt FOB Tianjin

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    frozen Champignons, China, whole, USD 1355/mt FOB
    frozen Oysters, China, whole, USD 1090/mt FOB
    frozen Shiitake, China, whole 2-4, 3-5cm, USD 1030/mt FOB

    frozen Nameko, China
    cap 2.5cm, USD 1400/mt FOB
    cap 3.5cm, USD 1250/mt FOB

    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, China
    whole 0.5-3, 3-6cm, USD 4050/mt FOB

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    frozen Boletus edulis, Bulgaria
    whole 1st, 10% worms, EUR 7.90/kg DAP
    whole 1st, 10% worms, testa rossa, EUR 8.30/kg DAP

    dried Boletus edulis, Bulgaria
    A, EUR 61.00/kg DAP
    OR, EUR 47.00/kg DAP
    pieces +3cm, cleaned, EUR 34.00/kg DAP

    dried Cantharellus cibarius, Bulgaria, EUR 33.00/kg DAP

    dried Marasmius oreades, Bulgaria, 1st, EUR 54.00/kg DAP

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    frozen Boletus edulis, Estonia
    whole 1st class, EUR 10.00/kg EXW
    sorted, A I <3cm, A II 3-6cm, A III 6cm+

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    frozen Nameko, China, whole B, USD 990/mt FOB
    frozen Shiitake, China, quarters A+B, USD 845/mt FOB

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    frozen Nameko, China, size L, grade A, USD 1780/mt CFR EMP

    brined Nameko, China, grade FAQ, USD 2625/mt CFR EMP
    brined Oysters, China, cubes 2x2cm, USD 1470/mt CFR EMP
    brined Shiitake, China, 2-6cm, USD 1670/mt CFR EMP

    brined Boletus edulis, China
    cubes A, USD 9165/mt CFR EMP
    cubes B, USD 8240/mt CFR EMP

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