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Thread: price list

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    frozen Nameko, China, size L, grade A, USD 1780/mt CFR EMP

    brined Nameko, China, grade FAQ, USD 2625/mt CFR EMP
    brined Oysters, China, cubes 2x2cm, USD 1470/mt CFR EMP
    brined Shiitake, China, 2-6cm, USD 1670/mt CFR EMP

    brined Boletus edulis, China
    cubes A, USD 9165/mt CFR EMP
    cubes B, USD 8240/mt CFR EMP

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    dried Morchella conica, Nepal
    jumbo, USD 260.00/kg CFR
    special, USD 235.00/kg CFR
    extra, USD 210.00/kg CFR

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    dried Morchella conica/esculenta, Turkey
    extra, sizes S M L XL, EUR 230/kg CFR, 10kg
    industrial, EUR 120/kg CFR, 40kg
    stems, EUR 60/kg CFR, 10kg

    see photos:

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    dried Boletus edulis, Russia
    2nd grade, EUR 43.50/kg EXW Italy
    3rd grade, EUR 35.00/kg EXW Italy

    dried Morchella conica/esculenta, Turkey
    standard, up to 2cm stem, EUR 195.00/kg EXW Italy
    stems, EUR 86.50/kg EXW Italy

    brined Lactarius deliciosus, Turkey
    0-5, 5-8cm, cuts, EUR 4.65/kg EXW Italy

    frozen Lactarius deliciosus, Turkey
    0-5, 5-8cm, cuts, EUR 4.15/kg EXW Italy

    see photos:

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    dried Morels, Turkey
    special, 0-3cm, EUR 230.00/kg CFR, 25kg
    industrial, EUR 95.00/kg CFR, 25kg
    stems, EUR 31.00/kg CFR, 125kg

    see photos:

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    dried Black trumpets, Bosnia, organic A, EUR 58.00/kg EXW Germany

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    brined Nameko, China, grade FAQ, USD 2560/mt CFR EMP
    brined Oysters, China, cubes, USD 1300/mt CFR EMP
    brined Shiitake, China, whole 2-6cm, USD 1630/mt CFR EMP

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    dried Black trumpets, Turkey, EUR 57.00/kg EXW Italy, moq 200kg

    frozen Black trumpets, Turkey, EUR 5.10/kg EXW Italy, moq 1000kg

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    frozen Boletus edulis, China, Hebei and Yunnan
    cubes A, 90% white pest demaged, 10% yellow pest demaged, USD 4500/mt CFR EMP
    cubes B, 90% yellow pest damaged, 10% black pest demaged, USD 3900/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, China
    whole, USD 5820/mt CFR EMP
    pieces, USD 3950/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Eryngii, China, cubes, USD 1680/mt CFR EMP
    frozen Oysters, China, cubes A, USD 1320/mt CFR EMP
    frozen Shimeji, China, USD 1350/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Nameko, China
    M1, USD 2280/mt CFR EMP
    M2, USD 2120/mt CFR EMP
    L, USD 1880/mt CFR EMP
    LL, USD 1720/mt CFR EMP
    B, USD 1520/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Shiitake, China
    whole A, USD 1620/mt CFR EMP
    whole AB, USD 1360/mt CFR EMP
    cut A, USD 1380/mt CFR EMP
    pieces, USD 1140/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Oysters, China, pieces, USD 360/mt FOB, 1fcl

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    fresh Boletus edulis, Bulgaria, EUR 36.00/kg DAP
    fresh Craterellus cornucopioides, Bulgaria, EUR 13.00/kg DAP
    fresh Craterellus tubaeformis, Bulgaria, EUR 14.00/kg DAP
    fresh Lactarius deliciosus, Bulgaria, EUR 11.00/kg DAP
    fresh Marasmius oreades, Bulgaria, EUR 11.40/kg DAP

    delivery by air
    moq 200kg

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