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Thread: price list

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    frozen Nameko, China
    L, USD 1750/mt CFR EMP
    B, USD 1450/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Pleurotus ostreatus, China
    cubes 2x2cm, USD 1230/mt CFR EMP
    broken, USD 860/mt CFR EMP
    baby, USD 1560/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Shiitake, China
    quarters, USD 1400/mt CFR EMP
    slices, USD 1400/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Boletus edulis, China
    cubes, white tunnel or without tunnel, USD 4350/mt CFR EMP
    cubes, yellow tunnel, USD 3750/mt CFR EMP
    cubes, black tunnel, USD 2970/mt CFR EMP
    pieces, USD 2400/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Suillus granulutus, China, whole, USD 1950/mt CFR EMP

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    dried Auricularia judae, China, black/black, USD 14.00/kg FOB
    dried Auricularia polytricha, China, black/white, USD 6.70/kg FOB

    dried Champignons, China, slices, USD 12.80/kg FOB

    dried Oysters, China, cut, USD 8.30/kg FOB

    dried King Oysters, China, slices, USD 10.80/kg FOB

    dried Maitake, China, USD 17.00/kg FOB

    dried Shiitake, China
    whole 2-4cm, stems cut, USD 12.90/kg FOB
    slices, stems cut, USD 10.50/kg FOB

    dried Boletus edulis, China
    A, USD 35.50/kg FOB
    B, USD 27.50/kg FOB

    dried Cantharellus cibarius, China, USD 38.50/kg FOB

    dried Morchella conica, China
    specia 2-5cm, no tails, cultivated, USD 149.00/kg FOB

    dried Tuber indicum, China, slices 1-3cm, USD 142.00/kg FOB

    see photos:

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    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, China, in small package
    500gr, USD 5700/mt CFR EMP
    1kg, USD 5350/mt CFR EMP

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    dried Calocybe gambosa, St. George, Bulgaria
    21kg, crop 2021, EUR 52.00/kg DAP

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    frozen Nameko, China
    L, USD 1670/mt CFR EMP
    B, USD 1370/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Oysters, China
    cubes 2x2cm, USD 1150/mt CFR EMP
    broken, USD 780/mt CFR EMP
    baby, USD 1480/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Shiitake, China
    slices, USD 1320/mt CFR EMP
    quarters, USD 1320/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Cantharellus cibarius, China
    whole, USD 5220/mt CFR EMP

    frozen Suillus granulutus, China
    whole, USD 1870/mt CFR EMP
    cubes, USD 1870/mt CFR EMP

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    fresh Morchella conica/esculenta, Bulgaria
    500kg, EUR 34.00/kg EXW

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    brined Nameko, China
    A2, cap 1-2.2cm, stem max 2.0cm, USD 2800/mt CFR EMP
    A3, cap 1-2.5cm, stem max 3.5cm, USD 2900/mt CFR EMP
    B, cap 1-4, stem 5cm, USD 2000/mt CFR EMP
    C3, cap 2-5cm, stem 3cm, USD 2300/mt CFR EMP
    FAQ, cap 1-2.8cm, stem max 4cm, USD 2600/mt CFR EMP

    brined Plurotus ostreatus, China
    3-5, USD 1440/mt CFR EMP
    5-8, USD 1390/mt CFR EMP
    cubes 2x3cm, USD 1640/mt CFR EMP

    brined Shiitake, China
    whole, cap 2-4cm, stem 2cm, 50% closed cap, USD 1800/mt CFR EMP
    whole, cap 2-4cm, stem 2cm, 95% closed cap, USD 1880/mt CFR EMP
    whole, cap 2-6cm, stem 2cm, 50% closed cap, USD 1780/mt CFR EMP
    slices, cut from cap 4-6cm, USD 1800/mt CFR EMP
    quarters, cut from cap 4-6cm, USD 1980/mt CFR EMP

    brined Stropharia, China
    SA, USD 2200/mt CFR EMP
    SB, USD 2300/mt CFR EMP
    cubes, 30% cap cubes, 70% stem cubes, USD 2200/mt CFR EMP

    brined Suillus granulatus, China
    cap 2-5cm, stem 2cm, USD 2000/mt CFR EMP

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    frozen Morels, China, USD 13.95/kg CIF EMP
    cultivated, size 2-4cm, 4-6cm, stems <1.5cm

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    dried Morchella conica, China, special 2-5cm, cultivated, USD 136.00/kg CFR by air

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    dried Suillus granulatus, China
    A1, USD 12.50/kg CFR EMP
    A2, USD 11.50/kg CFR EMP
    B, USD 8.80/kg CFR EMP

    see photos:

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    dried minced Tuber aestivum, Bulgaria, EUR 196.00/kg DAP

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